Réparation mouvement montre complication

How often should we have our watches serviced?

Every three to five years on average in order to bring the oils and lubricants back up to standard and to check the waterproof rating and the settings of your watch.

Réparation montre complication
The servicing in detail:

• Dismantling and inspection of all the components, cleaning
• Replacement of the basic components and oiling
• Starting the watch working and regulating the movement
• Casing
• Quality control according to the specificities of the brand names
• Waterproofing check (according to the model)
• Replacement of the battery (quartz models)

How should we take good care of our watches?

Our recommendations apply to all types of watches: quartz, mechanical, automatic, complications, etc.

We would advise you not to wear your timepiece in the shower.
The leather strap might not tolerate the damp environment at all well and will have to be changed more often.
Steel bracelets and rubber straps don’t like soap residue either. Also, avoid contact with chemical or cosmetic products.

Avoid magnetic fields: they can cause your watch to malfunction completely and cause long-term damage to them (the Rolex Milgauss was designed to withstand those magnetic fields).

Update the annual calendar once a year, at the end of February in leap years (automatic operation in the case of perpetual calendars).

Don’t wear your timepiece on your wrist to wind it up.

Réparation mouvement montre complication